Tuesday, May 3, 2011

San Francisco Water Cooler - "II"

Steaming, stewing, cooking and curdled over a yearlong tape-spliced journey to our minds' molten core, and on our newly minted Sun Sneeze record label, a dynamic breadth of melter-melted, noise-filtered psych-pop gems is searing into your psychic aperture. Sunny and bastardized, blissed-out vibe-rays meander into a pitch-black trip and back to your wildest sugartown dreams.

Truth is for philosophers. This burning-light trio includes Jerry Encoe and Dave Novick, once-original members of Residual Echoes and newly, that sonofabitch who unleashed their first, heavy-head-acclaimed debut offers somekindof direction sometimes maybe.

The new record awaits your rotten ear drums. Our last: exclaimed from the peaks by the likes of Mr. Siltbreeze himself, Thurston Moore & Byron Cooley, Julian Cope, and oh geez, even more. Dj Rick said "It might just be my hometown pride, but Rocker's Escape must be vaunted to the status of DECADE DEFINING CLASSIC." Well it's a new decade, brace your brain.



San Franscisco Water Cooler - Reverie by SunSneezeRecords

For a digital copy please visit http://sfwc.bandcamp.com/

Side One
1. The Desert Waits Outside
2. Flashback
3. Massive Darlings
4. Reverie
5. Reflection Refrain
6. Pond Leak

Side Two
1. An Intro
2. Your Life is a River
3. August Receipt
4. Exiles
5. April in the Orange

$10 LP. 500 Pressed. (SSR001)

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